Who can participate in Artport?
There are 100 local and regional artists in the show. Artists that participated in the current show have first right of refusal to enter the show again and are exempt from the jury process. Open positions are then announced in a public call for entries. These entries are juried by a group of professionals and artists from the area.

How do I respond to the public call for entry?
Potential Artport artists should submit an artist biography, 3-5 art samples in digital format, and contact information.

How do I know if I've been accepted from the public call for entry?
All entrants will receive written notification of acceptance within 30 days of submission. If accepted, each artist is responsible for a sponsorship of his/her work in the amount of $200. The sponsorship may be a business or individual or combination of. The sponsors will be noted in the 2015 Artport limited edition color catalog. The sponsorship is not optional and MUST BE PAID IN FULL upon pick-up of the tile. Checks should be made payable to Artport, LLC, and sponsor name(s) noted in the memo line. No credit card processing available.

What does the sponsorship money pay for?
The $200 sponsorship helps cover the costs of the show, but also the materials provided to the artists.

Is there an artist entry fee?
In lieu of an entry fee, all artists must submit a separate work of art on a 6x6 ceramic tile to be auctioned at the opening reception.

Can I sell my paintings?
All paintings in the exhibit are available for purchase unless otherwise specified. Prices range and are noted on the title cards. If no price is present, the interested party must contact the Artport offices at 318-227-8611 or visit the website www.artportshreveport.com to inquire of purchase artwork. Artport is granted a 25% commission on the sale and the artist is responsible for the cost of replacing the artwork with the same-size canvas and following the designated Artport theme.

How long does the artwork show?
Art shows for a minimum of two-three years at the Shreveport Regional Airport. Every year, the artwork is rotated to vary positioning, offering the artists a different viewing audience.